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Hey guys I’ve decided to do another giveaway and I’m actually nervous and excited at the same time.
3 lucky winners will receive either an iPhone 5S that’s BLACK and with a choice of any two BBW products above and any book you want that listed above or a Mac Book with a choice of any two BBW Body products and a VS Bag or an iPhone 4S with an two BBW products above and one book.
You may be wondering why is she giving all this away? I recently bought a new laptop for the school year and no longer need this one. I also bought a new iPhone 5S because I wanted the Gold rather than black. And I’m giving away the iPhone 4S because I bought it right before I upgraded and no longer need it. The iPhone 5S and 4S have been used for less than a month each and are in perfect condition. The Mac Book has been used for about six months but it’s in perfect condition. And as for everything else I always give books, body wash, and something from VS away.
Here’s the instructions:
You have to be following bikiniblast and tfiosfandom
I’ll be checking who are following, and the winners will be re-drawn if they aren’t following us.
Likes do not count for anything, only reblogs will count however, you can still like it as a bookmark.
Winners will be chosen like as if it were a raffle drawing. They will be informed via tumblr message.
You have until November 15, 2014 to reblog this post. If the winners didn’t reply within a week then we’ll draw a new set. We will post their URL on our blog too.
This giveaway will be shipped to anywhere in the world, I will be paying for shipping so don’t worry.
iPhone 5s
Apple lightning USB cable
An A/C adapter
EarPods headset w/ volume controls
Microphone in separate box
Two bath and body works body wash
A book listed above
Mac Book
Ear Phones
VS back pack
A book
Two Bath and body works body wash
iPhone 4S
Gummy Earbuds
A book
Two bath and body works body wash
Ends on November 15, 2014 
—REMEMBER, you must follow US ( bikiniblast and tfiosfandom) for your entry to count. —
If you want to increase your chances follow bittenbyclayton and femalehitler then message me saying you have (this gets you two more entries)
Good luck! May the odds be ever in your favor.

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